Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Great Teacher Onizuka

Mitch's TV Rating: (M)

Mitch's Recommendation: 9/10 (BUY!!!)

This anime I actually own, it was the first anime I bought, and while it was rather pricey I enjoyed watching it so much I just didnt care.

GTO is about a 22 year old virgin, Ex Biker Gang Leader, Eikichi Onizuka, who realises that teachers are around young girls all the time they are at work, and he wants in, now I know alot of people at this point may think this anime is distasteful, and yes at the start it is, however as it pans out Onizuka gets put in charge of middle school kids rather then high schoolers, which ruins his whole plan.

The class he gets put in charge of is the worst class in the entire history of japan...I could probably make an addition and say the world here, and by worst I dont mean bad grades, I mean "hazard to your sanity", As it seems the kids were betrayed by a previous teacher and are out for blood, they try to send all their teachers insane, and have a pretty good record of doing so.

The story follows Onizuka's journey to win over all his students, and teach them valuable life lessons while he is at it, even if he uses rather unconventional methods to achieve his desired effect. its a blast of a comedy, and I highly recommend it, even if it is just to count how many times Onizuka survives throwing himself off buildings to rescue people.

Ghost Hunt

Mitch's TV Rating: (M)

Mitch's Recommendation: 8/10 (Buy)

Ghost Hunt is a great anime, and the title pretty much sums up the series, a small group consisting of a Monk, a Shrine Maiden, a Spirit Medium, an Australian Priest, an Onmyoji, and 2 seemingly normal people, this small group travels around to places and basically Excorcises ghosts that haunt areas. Funnily enough what they are hunting rarely turns out to be a simple ghost yet in the end they always manage to succeed, a great deal thanks to Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama (the 2 seemingly normal people) Shibuya is the brains, and Mai seems to have visions that give her insight into whatever their case may be.

This anime is a horror, but only one of the story arcs is anywhere near what I would consider a horror, though the anime is still enjoyable by anyone and everyone, the (M) it gets is only for the one "horror arc" the others are all pretty kid friendly though I would suggest having a parent in the room, as little kids may find some things rather creepy.



Mitch's TV Rating: (M)

Mitch's Recommendation: 10/10 (Definite Buy)

Utawarerumono or rather "One Being Sung" (its Translation) was originally a H-Game, which means it was a game created for adults, as it contained some nudity, and possibly sex scenes, HOWEVER the anime has done away with the adult side of the story, and made it more family friendly, infact were it not for the violence I'd give this a TV rating of [PG].

The story starts following a man who has awoken from what was possibly a coma due to severe injuries, he wakes to find himself with no memories of his past, and his only worldly posession seems to be a bone mask that covers the upper half of his face, the mask also seems fused to his skull as it resista all attempts to remove it.

The story continues to epic proportions as Hakouro (the masked man) fights to uncover his identity while protecting those who have now become his family, to explain anymore would give too much of the plot away, however I highly recommend this anime as one of the best I have ever seen, the only downside to the entire anime is that alot of the fight scenes tend to just repeat old animations just with different backdrops. But dont let that deter you.

Anime Reviews

In my free time I tend to devote a large portion of it to watching anime, and since I have very little else to write about I have decided to start reviewing some of my more favorite series from the multitudes I watch.

Anyway first things first, some of you are probably scratching your head and asking "What is this 'Anime'" and to answer that question, it is a style of animation/cartoon that was developed by the Japanese, and almost if not all japanese cartoons are Anime. Of course there are some debates when it comes to this topic, as Americans have tried to take and adapt anime to their ways, I and alot of others do not see "American Anime" as anime.

Enough sidetracking, my Reviews will be layed out with an overview of the story, and my rating out of 10, and a rating I'd give it for TV (G, PG, M, R, X) because most of the anime has yet to be licensed here in Australia I am working mostly of fansubs until these Anime are released in Australia.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Google Reader

Google Reader is an online web based utility that handles RSS feeds similar to the way Flickr handles pictures, or handles bookmarks, and that is that it groups them all in one place for greater ease of use for the user.  

Google Reader also allows the user to share his/her RSS feeds with friends, add tags, and group them so that each addition to the feed is separate  but under one heading, like a type of "categorisation" 

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a utility that allow users to subscribe to sites on the internet that update regularly, so rather then checking sites for updates, the RSS feeds will inform you the moment an update as occurred which will save time for the user.

RSS feeds are not limited to sites, for example Itunes also use RSS feeds for a lot of podcasts and such that allow listeners to download podcasts at their leisure with ease as the Feed will produce a type of "shopping list" of downloads that have been uploaded to that feed.


Counters are handy little add-ons to web pages that allow the owner to view the traffic to and from his webpages, basic counters may only provide a numerical counter that shows how many hits the site has received.

The problem with the basic counters is they do not discern whether it is 10 people or 1 person that reloaded the page 10 times, while this may not bother the owners, it will detract from the overall accuracy.

The counter I installed on my blog only displays how many hits the page gets, but upon logging into my account on the providers site I am given a full report on how many unique pageloads occured and how many of them were returning visitors, aswell as a total amount for the day, I  am also able to view the amount of time they spent on my site.